Thursday, January 29, 2009

wonderful LMN honored me with this award and i am so appreciative and thank her from the bottom of my bloggy heart. she is that rare mix of intelligence, sensitivity, artful eye and zest for life. and i promise the next time i am in seattle, we are going to cafe ladro and sitting down for a couple or three hours of non-stop talking and then we are going to walk the city with cameras in hand and we're going to take lots and lots of pictures.
and we're going to laugh.
a lot.
i give her this award as well.

heidi who is so terrific and insightful was already awarded this. can i award her as well?

and i pass this award on to the following who i also adore:

all i ever wanted creative, so very funny, interesting, worldly and wise.

blue hearts so smart and so talented. she amazes me as she weaves a story that is interesting, sophisticated and intelligent.

rambling mommy a wonderful woman doing an amazing job of raising children and staying true to herself.

the one little one she literally leaps off the page with her amazing creative energy and zest for life. so adorable.

random blessings and curses my dear friend tracy who is so very clever and whom i love.


Linda Sue said...

SWEET THANG! You are giving me an award? That's fabulous and my blog hearts your blog! I would give you anaward- how 'bout a cadillac with brush cover seats!
Love you!

jenica said...

you sweetie! i think YOUR energy leaps off the page! what a sweetheart you are.


PSUMommy said...

OMGoodness, Dawn, wow...I'm so touched. Thank you so much! I really look up to you, so this has extra-special meaning. *sniffle* What? No, I'm not tearing up. There's something in my eye. Hugs!

Cait said...

Thank you so much for the award too.

Heidi said...

You're adorable!! Thank you. I heart your blog too!
I would be passing along the heart thing too (on my blog), but I'm moving and all kinds of exhausted. So, boo to me.
Thanks Dawn. You are so lovely.

LMN said...

You are welcome in Seattle ANY time - for it all, coffee, talking and photography! Have a lovely weekend!

Tracy said...

Oh, get outta here with that clever talk! Too bad there's not a lazy award since I only post every blue moon! You're too sweet. I heart you and your awesome blog too!