Saturday, January 17, 2009

i'd like to ask the sun if she could always shine down on me
so that i could be a rainbow when people look at me.
i'd like them to be able to see my colors.

i'd like to ask the wind if she could gently
blow on me
so that i can twist in the wind
but remain grounded.

and i won't even mind if the rain
falls down on me and rusts me.
because even though i'm weathered, i can
still shine.

i think i'll ask them if that could be possible.


Linda Sue said...

Miminy-miminy POOF! It is done!

Heidi said...

i'm laughing at linda sue!

this is a beautiful shot.
and this, "because even though i'm weathered, i can still shine." is so true.

Cait said...

A great poem for today. Not sure where our sunshine went. Wind kicking in..but a thaw..almost of 30.

I've been reading Alex Sanchez's Rainbow boys. He really has a good agenda. Although, I hear his books are banned in a lot of libraries.

Vedrana M. said...

this is so beautiful...makes me shine :)