Saturday, January 10, 2009

i'm not sure why, but i felt like purging this random stuff.
it's blatant self-absorption.
just warning you.

i've never had a broken bone
i have had stitches though, when my brother caught my face with the edge of a snow shovel
i was once in a commercial for ground turkey meat when i was 11 years old
i've worn braces on my teeth...twice. and they're still crooked. go figure. stubborn teeth.
i played the cheshire cat in the ballet of alice in wonderland when i was a kid
i've been in four states at one time (where arizona, colorado, utah and new mexico join-the only place in the united states where four states meet)
my current house is the house where i have lived the longest during any period of my life (9 years)
i had to apply to graduate school three times before i was accepted. that was brutal.
my nose is very crooked
i breastfed my daughter for 15 months
if there is a puddle nearby, i will seek it out and purposely jump in it
i have arthritis in my feet
i have never lived without a dog
i like to say the words "devil's food cake"
i have worn bangs my entire life
i studied piano for 6 years but the only thing i remember now is chopsticks and one bach intervention
i can hand cut glass and have the scars to prove it
i have lived in new england, the southwest and the south, but i consider the south my home
i never know the names of streets, i only know them by sight
i love every kind of vegetable (even brussel sprouts) and will choose them over fruit any day
we consciously chose to have one child but have been the recipient of many harsh criticisms from people i don't even know because of this decision
i love to play cribbage but don't play much anymore since my grandmother died last year
if you make me laugh, i'll be your friend forever
i was fired from my first job as a waitress at hardee's
i was once in a play, but absolutely despised it
i'll choose beer over wine or liquor any day
i have to work hard at being on time and oftentimes still don't succeed
i wish i used humor more to cope with stress
i complain that i never get enough time to do the things i want, and then when i have the time, i end up pissing it away doing other stupid stuff


Cait said...

Very generous list you gave us of some things I can certainly relate too. I feel I get slower and slower and I was never that fast to begin with. Ouch about those stitches.

I hope its warming up there. Snow last night. The sun did come out, but the snow is still here on most of the streets.

Linda Sue said...

GREAT list of quirkiness and why I adore thee! Your list , however, is cute quirky adorable- mine would be scary I won't go there- I have learned to spare others after many years of horrified looks- people walking away with their noses screwed up like they just smelled something sort of turdy.
Your self portraits are great! I think they should be BIG plastered all over US highways billboards- keeping drivers awake and in good humour.

My Inspired Heart said...

love your list, Dawn! And your self portraits are just fantastic! I finally worked out the camera issue and have started taking a few shots to work on for next week :)

Oh...and a sincere Thank You, friend, for honoring me at Shutter Sisters today :) Such a sweet, sweet surprise!

Tracy said...

We in the south are so lucky you stuck around. Oh, and Hardees blows chunks.

Live More Now (LMN) said...

I heart your blog.

Would love to hear the Bach "intervention."

I am so with you on the puddles, though usually for me it is entirely accidental. There will be one puddle in the middle of lots and lots of open space and I am in it.

Nice list.

Heidi said...

Good list!! Hand cut glass...I'm impressed! I had braces too and teeth pulled to make room and my kids are doomed I think.