Monday, January 19, 2009

damn clocks.
why do we have to have them anyway?
all they ever do is measure time.
and all i ever do is wish they didn't.

especially on the weekends.

have a great monday.


LMN said...

I am so with you on that. It is a good thing I am allergic to watches (metal), so when I try to wear them I have to take them off. I FEEL allergic to clocks, especially ALARM clocks. Like the little travel version I squeeze in my hand (snooze snooze snooze) tucked under my pillow to silence the obnoxious noise. And then I think, what about those lovely nature/water sound "alarm" clocks that gently wake you from your sleep? I don't think I'd wake is the problem! I'd just have a really nice dream about water and nature.

Heidi said...

yes....especially on the weekends...

blue hearts said...

I do find myself wondering how much I got done today. I'm not sure if that's worse or not. But I have noticed I'm just slower in the morning for some reason. Perhaps I should just spend more time in bed.

Hope you have a great week.