Tuesday, September 20, 2011

he asked me if i would take a walk with him and so i did.
we walked for a very long time
through all four of the seasons many times over and through mountains of patience
compromise and
sometimes my feet would hurt and blister and i complain,
but he listens to me and supports me while i look for a band aid.
he always reaches out his hand to help me back up when i trip and fall
and smiles at me lovingly.

and then we walk some more.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

people have told me many
they worry that
if they started to cry.....
they would never stop.

but what they don't realize,
is that every tear that falls is not
just from their eyes,
but from their heart.
and their heart is like a sponge....
it can only hold so much sadness
before it gets too heavy
and must shed its weight.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

if i sit and think about things,
then i feel guilty
that i've wasted time thinking
too much
not doing enough.

when i do a whole bunch,
then i feel guilty
that i haven't slowed down
and given more thought before
i acted.

so i was thinking that it might be good
to think about my thinking time
as actually doing something....
i'm thinking.

and to do my doing time as
a way of clearing my mind so
that i can think.

most times though,
i forget what i was thinking about
and usually can't remember what it was that i was supposed to do