Sunday, January 25, 2009

i'm very serious

so you see.

so serious that i will look at you with interest.
seriously look at your camera
wondering what it does.
i'll seriously wonder who you are
and why you're interested in me
because i'm just not sure of you.

but one thing is for certain
i'm very serious
so you see.


Linda Sue said...

Seriously considering the seriousness. I was the same way when I was wee and look what happened...This little darling has much to sort out before she decides if she wants to get involved.

Sue said...

Hi Dawn...thanks for stopping by my blog...I am smitten with yours...I love your Fortune Cookie Thursday! Who are all the children you have pictures of? And how does arthiritis feel when you have it in your feet?? I think that is whats wrong with my poor toes?? I hope you stop back often...I know I'll be back....Sue in Atlanta...

Cait said...

So serious indeed. Just lovely. All the photos. I actually like those most. I have a little niece who poises for every single shot that it gets a little irritating.

Thanks for the comment.

jenica said...

way cute!