Friday, January 23, 2009

snow puffs

kind of like cocoa puffs, minus the chocolate.

we actually got a dusting of snow this week.
and the entire town shut down.
it was 2 inches of snow afterall.

that's how we roll down here in the south.
please don't laugh too hard....
we don't have no learning how to drive in snow.
or snow plows.
like we need them....

but we do have much exuberance for this wintery guest.
there's even stupid people like me that go out into it and take pictures of it.

so humor us.


PSUMommy said...

Ha, we get feet of the stuff around here, and I still go out and take pictures of it.

And when I saw these, 'marshmallow' came to mind. :)

Linda Sue said...

This is pretty! Looks like spring snow! I would use this as wall paper it is so beautiful.

Cait said...

beautiful picture. Hopefully, its snow you can enjoy. I came out of the theater this whipped me in the face with snow..argh....

I did see Revolutionary Road. My friend kept going back and forth..lets see The Reader. But then this movie actually opened nearby. She hated it.

I wasn't as harsh. Some great performances in this movie. Also to factor in the 50's perfect picture into too. I was so thinking she was going to pull a Sylvia Plath thing. Then the whole thing about mental illness. I remember my mother talking about her mother who had a sister who was always sucidial during pregnancy. Actually, even before then and how her parents always played it as... 'that never happened...'

But you keep thinking of the sacrifice she was making...even the whole Paris thing..just for him. & when I look
back at my other grandmother...who we know... its not an act..still does anything my granpa it is just amazing. She'd cut his meat up for him..if he wasn't looking.

This movie gave you a lot to think about. My friend says its the anti-marriage movie.

Have you read T.C. Boyle's Drop Out City? Its in the 70's about a commune and you know the whole free love thing and what not..and still guess who was having to do all the cooking & making their man happy or perhaps..more than one...

Heidi said...

hahaha!! I officially hate snow right now, but I do love this photo.

LMN said...

So the good thing about being sick is you don't check in on people's blogs for a few days, and when you finally do, there is some really great stuff on there! YES! I LOVE those wintery days that take whole towns (or cities) by surprise, and everyone pretends they don't have a job for the day and instead just go play.... it's wonderful.