Thursday, January 22, 2009

cheerful, cheery, delighted, doing handsprings, ecstatic, effervescent, elated, enraptured, expansive, flipping, flying, high, joyous, jubilant, lighthearted, merry, overjoyed, popping, rapturous, satisfied, sunny, transported, upbeat

it's what i need to remember that life is made up of these days.
especially when i have experienced 9 deaths in the last 3 weeks at my workplace.
9 souls gone.

i need some cheerful.


Linda Sue said...

Dang girl maybe you be working the wrong end of things...maybe go to the birthing center and hold newborns while their moms snooze... go get a new kitten, and most certainly eat some chocolate with gummy bears.

PSUMommy said...

FANTASTIC dancy fun shots...they made me want to get up and move, too. But I'm so sorry about the souls that have gone home. I know you miss them. Hugs.

LMN said...

I am so sorry to hear of the sadness at your workplace. Hang in there and cherish those that are still with us. We just never know. Love those pictures - they TOTALLY bring joy.

Cait said...

Oh my...that can take a toll on just might have to get on that bed yourself and jump up and down a bit. Sort of like forcing my Mom to go to a family force 5 concert and getting her to mosh. Well, we were at the edge and not even expecting it..but she had fun..

I don't know why thought..but the true diary of MOLLIE comes to mind and she'd write about such things growing up in Nebraska City right after the Civil War. She ended up being a solider's wife out in Denver. In those days they were counted on for nursing. I like to read her diary from time to time and there were some very sad times, but somehow her journey is always inspiring.

Thank you so much for the comment. Well..I just kept seeing this image again and again about Bex. And initially, I just knew Dayton might do something bad. & then I thought..what if he thought he was going to do something bad. Hopefully, its not as confusing as trying to figure out LOST. A co-worker wanted to talk about that for hours at work. But I guit watching after the first hour.

Thanks again.

Heidi said...

This is sweet!!
I'm sorry about those that have died. That's hard and I'm sorry.

Tracy said...

So, so, sorry. I know you never get used to January in your field, right? It's the pits.
Love the photo, though; I just want to cuddle little T. and tell her she's awesome.
I'm on my dad's ancient dial-up connection right now. Missing M, the kiddos and YOU, of course, always.