Wednesday, January 28, 2009

green lollipops

make your tongue green
and your freckles bigger
and your hair blonder
and your eyes bluer

green lollipops make you silly.


3yearshousewife said...

Just love looking at the pictures you posted. Love the contrast of the green lollipop and the blue eyes.

Linda Sue said...

These photos are so gorgeous! Green is my fave flavour of lollypop- mostly because , for some reason, green makes me burp, all limey and fresh.

Ps- my word verification is "hymbra"...I'm sure something could be made of that!

Heidi said...

I love this photo!! Green is Ben's favorite color of lollipop.
And thank you Dawn for your oh so kind comments. You are just so kind and I'm grateful.

Cait said...

& one of those would make me forget all this cold and snow for a second or two. Very cool pics.

Well, I found that recipe online. Unfortunately, I never follow the recipe right. Perhaps its my way of putting my twist on it. Anyway, supposedly its like the broccoli cheese recipe from Panera breads. I so love that soup in their bread bowls.

Thanks for the comment too.

Sarah Desourdy said...

i love the contrast of my gorgeous face and my awesome sexiness
i loveeeeee ur blog antie
u r my hero!(: