Sunday, January 18, 2009

"what's this?"

"don't eat it. you won't like it."
"nope. it's yucky."

"no! i promise'll hate it."
"i'm gonna try it."
"well......okay. if you really want to. i guess it's okay."

"i ate it!"
"you're a brave boy"
"i'm a brave boy!"


Linda Sue said...

Works every time...what a cutie little guy!I want to kiss him a whole buncha times.
Your comments ,of course, made my day! I am ubiquitous just remember that next time you sit on a pie or a cake or any of those other "hmmm" things you do Ms. frisky! I am there!

PSUMommy said...

This is how we've had to get my older son to eat new stuff. It cracks me up every time.

Live More Now (LMN) said...

That is so cute ... a little reverse psychology? I need to start trying that one on my boyfriend. "Brave boy!" :) We'll see if it works.

blue hearts said...

It works on husbands and boyfriends too..hehee..

Love the photos. I do so want to see Rev. Road. Kind of promised a friend I'd go with her and we'll have to drive out farther to the part of the city where the artsy films are instead of what we have thrown at us at the cinemaplex nearby. Kate Winslat is so endearing. I loved her in "little children".

OK..about Geoff.

I still think it goes back to the fact they both share a common problem. But I think he sees a little of himself in Dayton or the fact that Dayton is so alienated from those who are supposed to love him. & of course, that general attraction. But he might feel its an opportunity to take what he's learned from those who have helped him. And I think he's a far more patience person than Dayton is.

Thanks for the question.

Heidi said...

I use reverse psychology all the time and it totally works!

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful, beautiful boy. if I do say so myself. man - how do you get those low-light pics! mine are such a blur... oh, to learn! thanks for the moment -