Thursday, January 1, 2009

new year's is all about resolutions.
strong will.
courage and bold determination.

well, i've decided that this year, i would make a list of indecisions.
i'm all about the indecisions this year.
none of that courageous stuff.
i'll have none of it.
so here goes.....

1. i shall reserve the right to be indecisive about situations of which i know nothing about.
2. i shall be fearful about jumping to conclusions
3. i shall be boldly tentative about judging myself for the mistakes that i make
4. i think i will not be so quick to act when it comes to judging others
5. when someone is screaming angry with me, i vow to be incredibly uncertain about whether to yell back at them or not.
6. when faced with the reality that i did not check to see if there was toilet paper on the roll beforehand, i will vacillate between whether it is my fault or mr. ntm's fault.
7. if someone cuts me off on the road, i will be downright cowardly about whether or not to flip them off

happy new year's
may your 2009 be all you dream it will be


Cait said...

I'll try to remember 6 & 7 for sure.

I've noticed at work people just love to interrupt me when I'm talking. I have decided to say as little as possible. I don't think they like me to say anything, sometimes. And what is worse when everyone is asking where I am..and I'm right in front of them.

cats and curses said...

Its so hard to keep cool ..the older I get.

A list I'll have to keep in mind.

Have a great new year!

Linda Sue said...

Dawn- Great list- difficult to adhere to - FOR ME! I do hope that that list makes you glad every time you actually acomplish something like not flipping some one off--not very satisfying mind you but on your way to becoming a very good Buddha girl. Better you than me! Cheers- happy new year forever! XXOO

Heidi said...


Live More Now (LMN) said...

I could benefit from regularly using that list, too! I was just getting ready to think about what I would like to do, or do differently this year. All I could think of was, less chocolate or more? Difficult decision. Definitely more laughter. Happy New Year to you! Love your list.

My Inspired Heart said...

great list of resolutions! I am still going over my list in my head...I'm a little behind with everything lately. Hope your new year is everything you want it to be :)