Monday, January 12, 2009

if one is feeling the mood for some pleasure time, then this album is the perfect choice.
some of the music included:

"i'm in the mood for love" - goes without saying
"body and soul" - another one that goes without saying
"i can't give you anything but love" - again with the goes without saying

but then as look on the list of songs, i see

"i've got five dollars" - okay. inflation has certainly taken its toll because i'm sure that love costs much more than that these days

then there's
"just friends" - ouch.

and finally,
"limehouse blues"

i can honestly say that when i'm in the mood for pleasure, blues does not come to my mind.
"Whoa nobody loves me, nobody seems to care
Well worries and trouble darling, babe you know I've had my share"
does not induce a pleasure mood for me.

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blue hearts said...

With quite embarassment on my Mom always told me that ELO or Steve Miller always got her in the mood. & I don't think she meant housework. While growing up we listened to a lot of Depeche Mode & the pet shop boys. My Dad is still a big DEVO fan. I remember how much fun my brother and I had dancing around to Blur's "boys like girls". But I've always liked quirky stuff from mouthmusic in Irish songs to other world music favorites in India and France. My problem is I just can't keep up with titles of songs.

Oh...I was so proud of Slumdog Millionare on the Golden Globes.