Tuesday, February 3, 2009

you are loved

these " i am loved" buttons bring a lot of happiness to the older folks i work with.
I've been giving them out for a few years now.
they have been a service that's been provided by helzberg jewelers since 1967.
they are produced in every language and they are free for the giving.

learn about them here and remind the ones you love that they're loved.


Vedrana M. said...

how great this is? wonderful :)

Cait said...

Thos look so great. ..for all year long..not just Valentines coming up.

Still haven't see the Reader. I hear so many wonderful things about it. I hope to see it.

Hopefully, I'm going in the right direction with Max & Chris. I liked the idea of Chris saving Max for a change since I see Max always felt he was the one who was going to save Chris.

Thanks so much for the comment.

Linda Sue said...

well, poo- I guess no body loves us up here- we do not have that sort of jewelry store anywhere nearby...No free love here. DANG!

Linda Sue said...

You sweetie- I don't really know anybody up here that is loved - I do appreciate your sweet offer. Cheers! I would just have to send the button back at you because you really are!

jenica said...

you rock. spreading joy and happiness wherever you go!


Sandra said...

wonderful! love this!

LMN said...

So cool. I am going to find one of those stores.

Thanks for sharing the love.