Wednesday, February 11, 2009

signs that you're ready for a weekend

1. you ask on monday if it's friday yet
2. you put the milk in the pantry instead of the refrigerator
3. you seriously think about putting in an intravenous line for the coffee to go straight into your system 24/7
4. you ask on tuesday if it's friday yet
5. you pick up the stapler instead of the phone and answer it
6. you put your underwear on backwards and can't understand why you have a wedgie from hell
7. every other driver on the road becomes more and more of an inconsiderate jerk as the week goes by
8. you ask on wednesday if it's friday yet
9. it feels like the days have dropped into a black hole
10. when friday actually does get here, you ask "is it friday already?"


Sandra said...

too funny! #6, hee hee :)

PSUMommy said...

Oh, no, does this mean you had a bad week? Hang in there...just 2 more days!

Linda Sue said...

HAHA Oh yeah sister! I love a direct hit of coffee, I could do that! You need more than a week end- you need to GET THE HELL OUT OF TOWN!--- I don't wear underwear for that reason....and answering the stapler- I have answered my sandwich, which is even more upsetting because it isn't even the right material to be mistaking it for a cell phone.

Heidi said...

I picked up the remote and tried using it as a phone yesterday. I so get this.