Monday, February 16, 2009

guess what?

you won!
i wish everyone could have won, and i thank you all for participating.
i will have some more giveaways soon i promise.
i need to get back on the pottery wheel!

and now, how about this one little forsythia bloom on my bush?

just one.
minding its own business.
there will soon be many others to follow.
but for now, she's the star of the bush.


Heidi said...

Oh yay! Spring! It's on its way.

LMN said...

Dawn!! Wooohooo, I am soo excited! I tried to post a "thank you" comment yesterday while on the road between Yellowstone and Seattle (yes, just a little weekend "jaunt" of a couple thousand miles! :) At least that's how it felt. THANK YOU for sharing your wonderful artistic gifts! I am so excited! That totally makes my week. ;)

LMN said...

Now I'm thinking I need to "pay it forward" and come up with something to give away.... hmm... this will be fun to think about. And an excellent detractor from work!

Sandra said...

Congrats Heather!

Isn't it exciting to see the first blooms of spring....I'm having fun picking all my early azaleas :) If the rain will go away I'll head out with my camera ;)