Monday, February 2, 2009

a diagram of mr. ntm's happiness

see my guy?
he's happy.
he's very, very happy.
and why?
because he's in his man cave.
let us take a look at why he's so happy, shall we?

i've taken the liberty to number the happy things to make it easier for you to follow along.
1. the stogie. disgusting. but he loves them. even with all my nagging about throat and mouth cancer, the big guy can't get enough of them. gross.
2. coffee. lots and lots of coffee.
3. even though the dogs have peed on this couch a thousand times, he still adores his couch. and he can watch all kinds of passers by from this perch. another perk.
4. fly fishing bench. next to me, (possibly me anyway), fly fishing is his greatest love.
5. his sauna. he likes to sweat. why? i don't know.
6. a handmade ash tray that the p.b. kid made for him. he adores it.

close ups of the evidence in case you couldn't see them too well.

i love him, but he's not kissing me with those cigar lips.


Channa said...

He's so handsome too. But he reminds me of someone. Who could that be? Hmm...

Sandra said...


Sue said... can you stand that father smoked cigars and the stink from them was horrible. Luckily the Boss doesn't smoke, drink coffee or fly fish but we do have dogs that did always pee on the $3,000. leather couch...Goodwill wouldn't even take it. One dog finally passed away from old age and the pee-er has stopped peeing on the furniture...I guess he was trying to say the sofa was all his....

LMN said...

That is great - I love the numbers. It really did help me, in my theraflu induced haze, to follow along. :) You are a saint for putting up with cigars. I guess we all have our "habits" - I am glad he adores you. You definitely should come before flyfishing. And it's amazing all that you fit in that photo. Tells a great story.

Anonymous said...

haha gahl this is so funny and true
gotta love the big D
maybe you should do one of yourself. it would go as follows:
1: computer
3:coffee mugs next to computer
4:p-nuts(because lets face it... you love nuts as much as i love P.B.

Heidi said...

This is funny! I get the coffee thing. Coffee is a staple for me and completely contributes to my happiness.