Saturday, February 7, 2009

february freebie

well, we're now into february.
and that's a good thing because it's technically the last month of winter.
and winter can't end soon enough.
in celebration of winter ending, i would like to give this little vase away.
it's a vase made by yours truly and it's the perfect size for holding little spring flowers.
that will be coming soon.
very soon.

please leave a comment and a random name will be drawn.
drawing will end on february 15th.


PSUMommy said...

I love both the photo and the vase- it is SO cute, and I can *totally* picture a bunch of little spring flowers in it! You are so talented.

Linda Sue said...

I am entering my random name- I can see this with little felted flowers in it on my mantle. Can't you?
I tried to throw a pot once... better stick with handbuilt. It was a total disaster. My final thingie was a sort of diseased looking collapsed bladder, so nasty that I was not even allowed to fire it."not in this kiln you don't" that was the end of throwing for me.
I see that you got the hang of it admirably! Well done, you!

Sandra said...! i love it! pottery is one of my most favorite things and how cool that you can do this! talented you! perfect for spring flowers - definitely :)

Sue said...

What a cute little made that?? How talented you are....Sue.

Cait said...

Quite adorable. Fill that up with flowers! Hope you are having a good weekend. I had to work today..but saw at least one of my favorite patrons. Had to tell me all the concerts he's seen. I hadn't seen him in a while. I thought he'd had a vacation of some kind, but I guess his work has been cut back..and he's got his winter beard and growing his curly hair out again.

LMN said...

It's darling! Your talents are limitless, apparently! I tried to make a pot once, and no such luck. It turned into a "pinchpot" that was more like a "pinch bowl" and then I made three others to match. To this day, the little set reminds me it is okay to be really really bad at some things. ;) Thanks for sharing joy through your give away. I not-very-secretly hope that I am the winner!

LMN said...

Only 5 more days! Woohoo!