Saturday, February 14, 2009

happy valentine's day to you!
may you feel love around you each and every day.


PSUMommy said...

Happy Valentine's Day!

Sandra said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Dawn!

Linda Sue said...

Happy VD- not the kind that you might encounter at the Ruby Rooms but the Love everything and everyone kind from that deep place - valentine's day is more of a Hallmark holliday that might lead to a romp... I don't have a romping agenda when I wish you love- and a big pink and red heart on top of gobs of chocolate!I when I say I LOVE YOU, it's the deeper kind. I LOVE YOU!

Cait said...

Happy Valentines day!

I finally made it through Rules of Attraction..which would possibly be an Anti-Valentines day movie. But it was on IFC and I thought...well, about time I watched the movie from begining to could have been better. I wouldn't think of it as an indie cult classic. Actually, the sadest and most disturbing thing was from the character who is pretty much a non actor, but her the girl who was in love with the guy who never knew she was there..& well, she killed herself. How depressing is that? There were a few bit parts that came out of no where..and well, I can't even tell you how it really ended.

I have Bad English to watch and Silk on my list. We've had snow again. 5 inches.