Sunday, February 1, 2009

everyone should have a mermaid brush.
or a hibiscus brush

i like the white mermaid, but i'm not sure about the boob coverage.
they look dirty.
like she rubbed an ashtray all over her chest.
plus it looks totally lacking in the support category.
and i need all the support i can get.

which would you choose?


Linda Sue said...

At first I thought "oh yes, PINK" but then I got a sort of stale salmon taste in my mouth and decided that the silver one is better for artistic reasons...the ashtray nips are more like smudged charcoal and her silver tail like a flash of sunlight across the bay.
The Hibiscus ...only on luau days.
Cheers! Hope you are well and gearing up for VD!

Cait said...

All three have character. Its like a set of some sort. The mermaids would be lonely without each other and the flowers just accent them more.

Oh, did you see MILK? Really some good performances. And that hair. The curly perm James Franco had in the begining..he could only carry that off. Some very interesting history. But I do wonder if Gus Van Sant's "idea" is..the longer you stay in the closet the more evil one becomes. I think of his one film Elephant that I suppose might be of some indie cult classic status, or will be. Which is awful slow I might add yet very chilling which all takes place in a high school about a shooting. But before it starts the two shooters are in the shower together. And of course, you don't really know if they had any real feelings for each other or not. & like in MILK you can't be too sure if the man who shoots Milk might have been gay too, but he has a family. Of course, MILK is based on real life. Anyway, someone had to remind me how many of his films I had watched. & I'd just forgot. My own private Idaho & To Die For.

Sue said...

The more important thing is where did you get these?? DId they come with a coconut head of a monkey and a back scratcher with an orange on the handle??

LMN said...

Okay, I just laughed out loud at the "ash tray all over her chest" comment - so true! A little dirty looking. Maybe that was intended in the original design. So hard to tell with these things sometimes. Especially for someone like me. But definitely collectibles. I can see that.

Anonymous said...

I'm all about the pink one! And so true that everyone should have a mermaid brush!