Thursday, February 26, 2009

fortune cookie thursday


Cait said...

hahahah..I can never find mine when I need it. Maybe I should eat more salad. I had a friend who spent a fortune on one from pampered chef. Its electric.

Cait said...

I was very happy for Slumdog Millionare. A friend of mine gave me a copy of the soundtrack. I was so happy to get that.

I was glad Sean Penn won too. And I'm glad Kate Winslatt got her award. Only thing better would have been if that fellow from Rev. Road had got best supporting actor. I really liked him and hope to see him in more movies. I did see Fired Up...which isn't for everyone, but one of our locals was the lead player, Nicholas D'Agosto..who was last year the new flyboy on Heroes. He's really got a certain sincerity to him. He definitely has a teen look about him ..although, he is 28, but he looks more of 17. I was quite shocked to see he's taller than I imagined.

We had a thunderstorm come through a bit ago. It might turn to snow later. We had a shower of ice pellets already., hoping you see the sun soon.

LMN said...

You know, I thought salad spinners were the thing until I got one and then for whatever reason never used it! Maybe it wasn't aesthetically pleasing enough - there is just something more endearing about the "look" of an old-fashioned collander. :) Who knows. That's my best guess.