Thursday, February 12, 2009

some of you may know that my own personal ikea store or (my)kea as i like to call it, has been under construction within a mere 15 minutes from my house.
it is now done.
and ready to show off its lovely saturated hues and smart design.
to me personally.
because it is (my)kea.
a friend told me that ikea will allow people to camp out starting on february 16th.
two days before the store opens.
will i be camping out with them?
no i won't.
but why you ask? if i'm such a crazy idiot fan of ikea, wouldn't i want to be camping out as well?
fortunately, i won't have to.
because i will have already been there.
because i get to go to the pre-opening.
because i have an awesome friend who also
has an awesome friend who works for ikea
and was given only a limited number of these tickets that she could hand out
one of which i now possess
because she knows how much i love ikea.
and because she loves me
and i owe her big time.
more than big time.
and i thank her.
from the bottom of my ikea loving heart.
because now i won't have to camp out in the freezing cold with my sleeping bag that smells like campfire and stale farts.


Sandra said...

How lucky are you!! I hope they decide to put a store in my area soon! Love 'em!

Linda Sue said...

LUCKEEEE!In Norway Ikea is their "cheap shit" store! That is how cool Norway is!

Cait said...

LOL..about those stale farts...I hope its a great opening.

I just got back from THE READER. I started crying when he started reading into that microphone.

What lovely German accents. I have a friend who's mother is German. When they speak in German it just sounds so bitter.

I liked the younger guy in the film. Only one actor I could think better, but he's actually French and looks nothing like Ralph Feinnes.

I can think of one German movie I absolutely love with Franka (she was in run lola run) The princess and the warrior which was about a nurse who works where she was raised in an asylum. And there is this wonderful french/german blind actor in it who I doubt will never star in anything, but he should. Anyway, the nurse is saved by a would be robber when a bus hits her.

Oh, it was so emotional. Of course, you think if his life would have been different if he hadn't met her. & what kind of life did Hannah have if she hadn't been recruited. Then you have to wonder how that war influenced the whole European lifestyle. The way they live and love and perhaps don't love, too.

I liked her apartment..the harsh reality of daily living..which was quite quaint compared to those beds at the camp.

And such beautiful performances...and what a very quiet ending.

Sue said...

it may be "cheap shit" but it's actually made very well, as long as you can get past the fact that you have to build most of the stuff...I adore IKEA...just did a big post on it last month...Hope you have the time of your life...and don't forget to buy the meatballs!!

Heidi said...


LMN said...

That is so awesome that you got to go to the pre-opening! Hope it was very fun. Being a fan of IKEA myself, and fortunate to also live very close to one (about 30 minutes) ... I often go there to "steal" ideas, though I've been known to give in to their organization gadgets, baskets and boxes, a great bed frame, some occasional art, curtains and pillows. I LOVE MYKEA TOO!