Friday, February 20, 2009


why on earth were they ever named sweetgum?
they're not sweet. in fact, they're
nature's little balls of hell.
not fun to step on.
not fun to step on with bare feet
not fun to rake up
not fun when they land on your head from the tree above.

but they're awesome looking.
like sea urchins from the forest.

i have an abundance of them. does anyone want some?
will gladly ship.

happy friday


PSUMommy said...

Is *that* what those things are called? I never knew. I personally have an overabundance of maple tree helicopters here in the spring, we don't need any more annoying-to-rake-up items in our yard. :) Happy Friday to you, too!

Anonymous said...

I never knew what they were called either! But they are so cool. I would love some.

dawn said...

tracy, i will be happy to mail you some! how many pounds would you like? :) seriously, if you send me your address i will send you some. they are really fun to photograph.

Linda Sue said...

They look delightfully painful! Like something one might drop in somebodys boot for a surprise... We have similar poinky things up here to torment the dogs as they walk through the weeds. I have had to carry my dog on his walks more than once! Please do not send.

Your Photo Tips said...

My inlaws have those all over their front yard. The father in law hates having to rake them as well.

I should be nice and offer to do it for him next time I visit them.

LMN said...

Okay, first: cute shoes! Second: do those belong to sycamore trees? I never heard them called "sweetgum." So interesting! I grew up with sycamores - all over walla walla. Such great trees to climb. Great photo!

meg said...

They are "little balls of hell", and I wish I could send them all back from where they came from.

I can't tell you how many times I have "almost" rolled an ankle/broken my neck on those things. I have a photo on flickr where I say that I am convinced that they look down at me from the tree tops and cackle at me. I hate them!