Tuesday, February 17, 2009

self portrait tuesday

february's challenge is "introduce yourself"

hi! i'm dawn
week III

when steve and i decided to have children, we decided to screw only one child up in this lifetime. it was a conscious decision and the right decision for us for many reasons. the responses from people regarding that decision have stung at times, but we're complete as a family of three regardless.

our girl is about to turn 21 years old and she's already begun a life of her own. and steve and i are still friends.
that's really nice.

sometimes my hand is in the middle, sometimes it's steve's and sometimes it's justyne's. but whoever has their hand in the middle, you can be sure that the other two will always surround that hand with our own to support, to love and to nurture.

my family of three.
incredibly important to me.


Linda Sue said...

Dawn- on my blog roll your thumbnail picture I swear looks like a person squishing a foot in her fist. It's hillarious! We,too, are three...Every kid should have both parents to themselves at all times is my thinking! My baby is 21, lives in his apt. and has (dear gawd) a girlfriend- a for REAL girl friend. I feel like I have been fired, no pension, no severance pay just - fired! Sad.

blue hearts said...

Oh..I love the pic and your description of how it is..being in the middle in your family.

Its more important than ever to have those special dinner dates. Just the two of you. You and your hubby, you and your daughter & then those dinners of the 3 of you.

I do so enjoying just going to a movie with my Mom or especially doing lunch. Oh, we really can gab about everyone when we go to a buffet.

Really, though, I haven't seen anything that has totally caught my eye to go see as a movie. I sort of wanted to see the Renee Zelwigger one..but oh, I just don't know.

Spring seems a long time off here..but every little thing ..from a bird singing to hoping to see sign of green grass under the snow...just makes you yearn for warmer weather.

LMN said...

I love that post. Good for you for sticking to your concept of family despite the stinging messages, whatever they were. There are so many families and concepts of family that are so beautiful. I can't wait to create my own!

Heidi said...

This is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

love this. And love your decision to have one. I don't understand why anyone would berate that.