Saturday, February 28, 2009

the statue of liberty has a great smile

and apparently she's a he now. i didn't know that.
until i saw her/him the other day on my way to work.

people in costumes.
funny, isn't it?
and spring seems to really bring them out in full force.
cupids, leprechauns, abe lincolns, statues of liberty.
last year i was walking through the mall and the easter bunny was walking the opposite way.
he had an entourage with him.
it was incredible.
i guess you could say they were his "peeps".


Sandra - My Inspired Heart said...


we have some characters around our town too....but nothing so distinguished as the statue of liberty or abe lincoln. we usually spy the chicken or dog variety when we're out and about :)

Cait said...

I think I saw that fellow..some savings and loan. They have guts. Especially on our bone chilling days to be out in this.

Snow. At least the sun is out.

Sue said...

These poor much could they possibly pay them to stand on a corner looking like a nut!! That's Liberty Tax services at their finest...I hope the economy recovers soon....

meg said...

Oh you had me laughing on this one! Tooooo funny!

Heidi said...

Hahahaha!!! There is a LOT of Easter stuff already including some favorites like easter cream eggs...yum!

blue hearts said...

Oh..I'm feel'n for you with all that storm'n. A thunderstorm in the winter is crazy. We had one in the early hours..all these ice pellets. Scary. We have a few inches of snow.

oh..and Geoff...well, it just seemed the right thing to do.

Solo said...

That was very funny..
i just love the pics..
It made my whole day complete..
Thanks for sharing it friend..
Keep on writing..Have a nice day..=)

LMN said...

I love both costume-rs AND sign people. One day I saw this sign guy (advertising new condos up the road I think) - but he was on a pedestrian bridge that crossed over this very busy street in Seattle, AND he was dancing/wiggling like a lunatic. I think it was dancing. It looked like the way a very awkward, kind of gangly boy might dance. But it was hilarious. Totally made my day. I laughed in my car all the way home (even though I didn't go see the condos). To this day, I wonder if his dancing helped with the condo advertising, or if it just made people laugh. Either way, it was totally worth it.