Monday, December 8, 2008

you know it's winter when

1. your medicine cabinet is well stocked with zicam, nyquil and robitussin
2. you walk around with a sock stuck to the back of your sweater
3. you want to carb load like it's your job
4. you accessorize according to which scarf, hat and gloves you're wearing that day
5. you start stuffing tissues up your sleeve like a grandma so you don't have to walk to the box to get another one
6. your husband thinks you look sexy in fuzzy slippers, flannel pajamas and a sweatshirt
7. you think you look sexy in fuzzy slippers, flannel pajamas and a sweatshirt
8. you seriously consider paying the neighbor kid to ride with you to the gas station so he can stand out in the cold and fill your tank
9. you keep fifteen chapsticks on your person at all times
10. you refer to your legs as the "alligator sticks"
11. you dream in green


Live More Now (LMN) said...

Thank you for helping me LAUGH OUT LOUD this morning. Love your list. That is seriously so awesome. You get a TOP SHELF sense of humor award from me, ESPECIALLY ON A MONDAY, when all I want to do is go back home, put my slippers on, grab my chapstick and get BACK in bed with a book and my kleenex.

Tracy said...

LOVE this list! I have one to add! When you fall asleep with a tissue stuck to your face, fluttering in the breeze from your left nostril. Also a very sexy nighttime look, to go with all the flannel! And that soup pic makes me want to lick the screen, yo. I'm having my MIL save me a ham bone from dinner so I can make us a pot too! xo

Tracy said...

I have seriously never heard of hiding kleenex up one's sleeve, but what a totally novel idea. I am so doing that from now on.

Cait said...

um..that soup looks so good. I love my sexy flanned pjs.

Terrific post.

Heidi said...

Great list!! Pajamas and chapstick = sexy.