Saturday, December 13, 2008

a little barn love

for our farms that are slowly becoming extinct. the land that surrounds this farm will soon become a shopping mall.

and so i ask you, how many dry cleaners and nail salons do we actually need in this world, anyhow?


Mr. NTM said...

Personally, When I want clothes and cuticle cleaning I want:

1. at least five chices n a two mile radius
2. no pesky country scenes to obscure my view of brick and on

Cait said...

I love the angle shot of the barn in the first pic. really some great pictures. Well, if thats not enough with the shopping centers trying to look like the center of town when the center of town is being in the heartland..most farms have gone corperate which is really odd.

It is nice ever so often you'll find someone with actual chickens in their back yard. We'd really like to do that..for eggs, but meanwhile I've decided I'll send some one a flock of chicks through Heifer international.

Oh, yeah, a birthday back in Nov. Thanks.