Tuesday, December 9, 2008

self portrait tuesday

december's challenge is "slow"

gawd...is there a shortage of traffic signs that say "slow"? i couldn't find one anywhere.... not even in the school zones.
and not even a "slow children" sign and i love that sign.

so, i just had to make one myself. which is a good thing.
everyone needs a slow sign in their life.

and look at my happy fella

he really liked me taking his picture with the slow sign too....
yep, he's a good sport that guy of mine.
i'll probably keep him.
if he'll keep letting me take pictures of him with the slow sign.....


Channa said...

Too many things to say about that....

Cait said...

Oh..thats a good one..what fun. Its right up there with the sign we found once in Fredricksberg, TX...NO BALLS..the S & the N fell off the sign. Then in this wee little town Art...someone put an F on the sign. I got a picture of that. Yeah, we are a potty mouth bunch in my family.