Wednesday, December 3, 2008

ode to trixie

oh let me count the ways that i love thee
from the moment mr. ntm first gave you to me
from the poppies in your vase
that put a smile on my face
to the bottom of your clutch
i knew i would love you so very much
and whenever i place my hands on your steering wheel
happiness is all i can ever feel
and even now, when you're old and falling apart
forever and ever you will hold a place in my heart

oh how i love to hug
my little green bug


blue hearts said...

Its so hard to love your car this time of year in the cold and the the poem. Interesting poem. I remember by first car was green and I named him Benjamin. He was so hard to trust on left turns.

clover said...

...And, I love to ride in your bug as you drive.
I have many times and yet still am alive.