Tuesday, December 23, 2008

dear christmas,

can it really be almost time for you?
how did this happen?
why is it that every year you sneak up on me?
and i grumble about you and the stress you put me through.
and then poof.
you're over and done with.
just like that.
and every year i tell myself that i will savor you more next year.
that i will soak your colors and magic and good feelings up.

why do i tell myself that every year?
why do i feel that i never experience you as fully as i think i should?
next year i'll surely do it.
i promise.

next year.


Heidi said...

It should be all about slowing down this time of year except that it is always so rushed and sped up. I'm not sure why that is.

I hope it is a peaceful, restful Christmas for you, Dawn.

ellie said...

Great little ditty. Thoughts so true.

Happy Holidays. I know you'll find the joy in it.

Its been awful cold here the last few days. That doesn't make me work any fast.

Thanks so much for the comment.

Linda Sue said...

Dawn, Thank you for the comment on my bloggish foolishness- I am so pleased to find yours! Today is my birthday and your blog was like a really good present! Love reading all of it- well, as far as I got- superb and fun!
I hope that your holidays are shiney and bright and somebody else does the f#$%ing dishes.

blue hearts said...

Love this post. Its very hard to enjoy it. Maybe I just need to move to some place warmer to enjoy it. I'm beginning to think. Love the picture too, btw.

Oh, your question....well, Max inherited some money from his real father, not that Max has told this to anyone. And it was Oliver who heard this at Thanksgiving from Max's mother. She'd had a falling out with him since there was no money left to her. Hope that helps.

Merry Christmas!

ellie said...

Thanks so much for the note. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Looking forward to more of your photography.

Cait said...

I just loved your comment. Thanks for making smile.

I was looking up information in our state about same sex adoption. And I do know of a couple or two that have children..but usually, one of them was the father. It looks as if one can have the full guardianship out of the two. Which I don't think is really fair. But maybe you can help in that "matter". Usually, I know it all starts out "fostering". I live in Nebraska & I'm sure you've heard about how the state made it so you could drop off your kid at "safe haven" as old as 18.

My boss adopted a little girl from India. And today I saw Slumdog Millionare. Its a must see film. It was just so good.