Thursday, December 11, 2008

fortune cookie thursday

because we all need a little shelter from the rain.


Cait said...

Very cool one. I like that. There are so many levels to think about that one.

Oh, I think Chris will always tell Max everything. Just not sure Max will tell him everything. Thanks for the comment.

ellie said...

Definitely need shelter.

Just how do you go about getting these fortune cookies. Go out for chinese every Thursday or do you have a jar of them somewhere? My Mom used to keep them when we were little we always loved having one to read our fortune and eat. Then we did the "in bed phase" when we'd go out. Now my dad adds just the line..."with your boyfriend".

Thanks for the comment. Yeah, winter is a great time for kissing.

Heidi said...

There is sooo much rain here. It is BC. It's what's expected, but I am going crazy for all the rain. Ummmm, your fortune cookie hit a nerve.