Wednesday, December 17, 2008

christmas questions

1. if the simple phrase "merry christmas to you" is being offered to kids from one to ninety two, then does that mean that infants and people older than ninety two don't get to have a merry christmas?
2. how many sexual innuendos can be made from assorted christmas terminology such as: jingle bells, christmas balls, yule log and chestnuts roasting on an open fire?
3. why do most people strive to be on the nice list when the naughty list is so much more fun?
4. on average, how many no-no words are used when putting up a christmas tree per household?
5. on average, how many no-no words are used when putting up outside christmas lights and decorations per household?
6. where is santa claus lane, anyhow?
7. why do we think we can make the yuletide gay? it's not a matter of choice.


Cait said...

great list to think about. it might not be here til Jan. for me. my car's in the shop. more ice on the way. a great time to hybernate.

what a wonderful thing your daughter did for locks of love. well, i did know the boy who grew out his hair and carried lord of the rings around like a bible. and he really did have such pretty hair.

thanks again.

ellie said...

Oh, that really brings out the no-no words when it comes to putting up Christmas.

Thanks very much for the comment.

I do adore those Christmas balls. Suddenly, I'm thinking of that classic snl skit with Alec Baldwin.

My Inspired Heart said...

Too Funny! A lot to think about, lol!

Heidi said...

Fun list! I laughed at the sexual innuendos...there are some dirty, dirty people out there. :)

Tracy said...

Oh, my---I nearly sprayed my computer screen with a mouthful of Diet Cherry Coke Zero while reading that list! And I love Ellie's reference to Alec's SNL skit. Yes, the shweaty balls talk comes out every year when I make rum balls and peanut butter buckeyes. Oh, and those evil sausage, cheese and Bisquick thingies. I feel my butt expanding even as I type. . .