Saturday, December 27, 2008

okay, christmas is over.
is it spring yet?


Heidi said...

That's what I feel like. It can't seem to stop snowing here. I am sooo over it.
Hope you had a good Christmas.

Cait said...

Thank you so much for the comment. I'm very grateful to have it.

It is truly sad how things are going backwards from many states on the same sex issues. Just on the new today how in Arkansas they are no longer letting same sex couple adopt kids come January 1. I can think of so many same sex parents making better parents than hetrosexual couples out there just having kids and not wanting them.

Sorry, don't have a facebook.

Well, I'll be spending more time of Dayton's story anyway. I think I should let this part rest a bit. But it was a bit like climbing up a mountain..wanting the story to atleast come together at one point. I wasn't sure if the timing would be all right or not. Hopefully.

And hopefully, I haven't made Dayton a total demon. Its funny, sometimes, I still take my lead with just a picture..just like in 4th grade when the teacher would hand me over a picture and say, come up with a story. Then I just have pictures in my head, after awhile.

I want to see the "boy in the striped pajammas" too. I was just shocked we found Slumdog Millionare at the nearby cinema. We'd planned to go all the way down to the artsy section of town to see it..then last minute we found it was that made it even better. Here though, it was quite a busy place. They said Marley & Me was sold out. Also they warned parents it wasn't really a kids movie.

Thanks again.

PSUMommy said...

We had a soggy Christmas here. I'd love some snow. Don't forget about Valentine's Day!