Tuesday, March 3, 2009

you're 21 years old today.

old enough to vote
old enough to drink
old enough to get married
old enough to know better
old enough to drive
old enough to begin a career
old enough to become a mother
old enough to pay your own bills
old enough to overload your own dryer
old enough to take responsibility for your own life
old enough to know where you came from
old enough to form your own values
old enough to live your own life
old enough to laugh and be a goofball
old enough to take risks
old enough to make choices
old enough to live by your own rules.
old enough to burn your own pans when you cook

but you'll never be too old to be my little girl.

i love you more than anything i could ever possibly imagine.
happy birthday.


Sandra - My Inspired Heart said...

happy, happy birthday!

Heidi said...

so, so beautiful. what a lovely tribute to your lovely daughter.

blue hearts said...

How sweet. I live that line about old enough to burn your own pans when you cook. Yeah, I got that one down.

I love the feet pic in the collage, too. Once, my Mom took pictures of our feet and framed them. Our relatives were in shock to get something like that for Christmas.hahahahahaaaa. I still find that funny.

LMN said...

AaaaahhH! So sweet. What a lucky girl to have such a loving supportive mother. That is one terrific photo collage. Love what you do with your "art."

Sue said...

Oh gosh...this brought tears to my eyes...Aren't daughters just the best thing in the whole world...A big Happy Birthday to your baby!!

Linda Sue said...

Oh GAWD! Ground her for life while you still can!!! Tie her legs together- superglue- whatever!! She must not leave her mother because, you know,the world is not good enough, not kind enough...Before it's too late, lock her up...I wish some one had given me this sage advise when Erik turned 21 last spring! Did you ever see the movie "MISERY"? I think about it now and then when I yearn for my child to be home again...but that's just wrong. Good job , Dawn, lovely poem. Our parental success is seeing them fly away , whole and smart and complete but man, it sucks.