Saturday, March 14, 2009

question: "why is it raining?"
answer: because it's the weekend

question: "why did God invent blueberries?"
answer: to go in fage yogurt with almonds

question: "what will dawn do in the rain this weekend?"
answer: go to ikea and eat lots of blueberries and fage yogurt and wish it wasn't raining

happy weekend to you!


Linda Sue said...

Raining here as well, SUCKS! It is dark and cold and drippy and even blueberries could not cheer us up though a trip to Ikea fixes all ills. Take me along please!
( BTW- I am LOVING the prints- everyone is all like "WOW, that can't be real! " and like " GAWD! Look at that colour and compositon!" and they are like all envious and stuff.)I do point them in your direction.

blue hearts said...

Oh..I should have at least eaten that apple I was spying..but I didn't I went to Panera's and had a frozen coffee drink instead and looked through a new crochet book I bought at Michaels. This time I'm really going to crochet..yeah, right.

I did a little writing. I should have been outside more. It is finally beautiful out. Don't know how long that might last though.

Thank you for the note. I was mainly thinking of my own feelings about such a problem I have with my own friend who would never tell me he was 'gay'..and then I thought..well, what would Oliver have said to me..and then thats how it finally occured to me. There just wasn't any need for us to ever bring it up. And we haven't. & I'm certainly not.

Char said...

rain all weekend here too - this shot and processing is gorgeous

Sandra - My Inspired Heart said...

oh, an ikea would have made my rainy weekend so much better ;)

Vedrana M. said...

:)) your photos are wonderful... oh, blueberries are healthy ;)

LMN said...

Hope you had a very blueberry weekend! Those look awesome. Makes me want to go eat some blueberries! And there is nothing better than blueberries AND Ikea TOGETHER!