Monday, March 23, 2009


yesterday, i went and got a mani and a pedi.
i swear i hadn't had a pedicure in about a year.
poor thing...she broke out in a sweat trying to scrape the funk off my feet.
after i got over the embarrassment, it was sheer heaven.
and now i have pretty pink toes.

don't wait to treat yourself.
do it now.

happy monday!


Vedrana M. said...

lovely! thank you :)

Char said...

I bought OPI in anticipation of doing this tomorrow! I have adorable sandals from target I've been dying to wear.

LMN said...

That is so funny! I was JUST thinking YESTERDAY "I think I will go get a pedicure this week." Now I am definitely going to do it!

Heidi said...

How cute is this?? I've really begun to embrace the pink in my life. Maybe it comes with having a daughter who has a soft spot for pink. I don't know, but I really like it.

Linda Sue said...

Happy toes! I had a pedicure ONCE I found it annoying, guess it was the young girl who was just learning to do toes- a digger and poker and got polish up to my knees. But I did come away with sparkling blue toe nails that lasted nearly through the summer- Yours are much nicer and I like what you have done with the chenille chickie- it must be very well behaved to live there like that.

HA_ my word verification is "nonstick"

PSUMommy said...

That sounds heavenly!

Cait said...

That does sound like fun. Its been stormy here. High winds, rain and hail..but I think its passed now.

I can't break out the sandals quite yet, we might have snow by the end of the week.

Have a great Tuesday too!

Solo said...

Lovely short
I just had a pedicure last sunday..;D
Have a great week.=)

Sandra - My Inspired Heart said...

you're too funny, girl!

I still need to make my appt!