Tuesday, March 10, 2009

self portrait tuesday

march's theme is "headless"

Something always takes the place of
Missing pieces you can take and put
Together even though
You know there's something missing
Something always missing always
Someone missing something



Sandra - My Inspired Heart said...

i absolutely LOVE this! such a great shot!

now i've got to get busy on mine, lol!

Heidi said...

Hmmmm....a thoughtful hmmmm....

dawn said...

hmmmm? whatcha thinkin', heidi?

blue hearts said...

what a beautiful frame of life...& a beck quote to top it off with. Oh, and I just thought his best line was about the hippy girl with a 1000 lonely boyfriends. No, I really do love Beck's stuff. Mainly, his early stuff though.

Thanks so much for the comment. Just ruff'n it out here...with the cold and a bit of snow and ice, but it could be worse. Not like in North Dokata where they were expecting 20 inches of snow today.

LMN said...

Love your self portrait projects. So much fun! And so creative - you do a fantabulous job. Makes me want to go find fences and flowers and then lose my head. ;)