Tuesday, March 31, 2009

self portrait tuesday

march's theme is "headless"

photographer's stance #23

this is a popular stance for beginning to intermediate level.
mild to moderate physical exertion.
you may also have to put your hands out occasionally to keep your balance.
may include slow leaning to both sides and possible knee bends.

anything for the shot, right?


Char said...


cait said...

hahahaha...anything for the shot.

Oh..did I tell you my Mom took pictures our our feet when we were kids and framed them for family members..and they had to guess who's feet they were?

Thanks for the note. The weather is getting colder. Snow still hasn't gotten us yet.

Oh..and I really did like Doubt. It was really a great film.

ellie said...

My first thought was thinking..my mom on the phone. Now I get it. Very cool colors in the shot too.

PSUMommy said...

Ha, yes...I do this a lot. :) Lovely shot!

LMN said...

ha! yes! anything for the shot is right. Every time I shoot a wedding I wake up the next day wondering why one (or both) of my hamstrings are sore, as well as my back. And then I remember, I spent half the day doing deep squats or taking a knee to get a panoramic or upward shot, etc. It DOES take its toll, but is always worth it! Need. More. Yoga. For. Better. Photography. Stances. :) Thanks for documenting this pose!!