Wednesday, March 25, 2009

the trouble with cherry blossoms

is that they all fly away.
spring is fleeting.
but i wish it could stay.


3yearshousewife said...

I'm waiting for one particular cherry tree for its full bloom. So excited. Just hope it survived the gusty wind we have lately.

Meg said...

This is really amazing Dawn. Really really spectacular. It feels like a memory to me... you know how you hold on to bits and pieces of a moment? That is what this dip is like. Like a day at the park and you held on to the petals on the ground and a glance down at your feet.


Linda Sue said...

spring is still holding it breath here, like a spoiled little child not wanting to get dressed for a big event.
Very cold still and the bids are tight, resisting, frightened...snow still a threat!

Char said...

cherries are my favorite - like fragile pink snow

LMN said...

You should come to Seattle when your spring has passed - because it hasn't hit here yet! And by the feel of it (brrrrr!) it's not coming any time soon. So maybe you can have TWO springs. That would be nice.

Cait said...

Oh..the kranes are bit on the platt river or were. But after our tornadoes as of late they may have decided to move on.