Wednesday, July 30, 2008

my fly fishery man

mr. ntm has been fly fishing for years and years and he still enjoys it just as much now as he did when he first started. he says he is still trying to master the art of tying his own flies, but i'd say he's pretty darn good at it now.

it'll be fly fishing season again in the fall which will make me a fishing widow once again. i've learned the only way i can get attention when it's that time of year is to break out the trout suit.

guess i better get it out of storage.


Craig Elliott Hanna said...

That's going to be one thin Trout. Be careful or he might throw you back! :)

Tracy said...

Ha! I agree with Craig- - that trout suit will definitely fall down to your ankles. Better find a good trout suit tailor.