Tuesday, July 8, 2008

i'm still dealing with my leg saga from april. dr. sofreakinghot tells me that i have reflux in my leg and it's not something mylanta will cure. he's got to send a laser up into my vein and zap it out of existence. he says this will take care of my cankles. but i have to play the insurance game and wait a few months before i can have it done. so in the meantime, i went to my regular doctor and asked for something to take the swelling down while i wait for the surgery.....in october. she agreed and i took my first dosage yesterday morning at 7:30am.

oh dear god i hope there's a parking space close today because my bladder is about to explode
i am sure that this is the longest pee in voiding history
no, this surely must be the longest pee ever
okay, maybe i better start restricting fluids so i can actually get some work done
10:04 am
they say that our bodies are made of 98 percent water, i'm sure i have peed out 97 percent
begging to be catheterized
cursing the fact that my workplace doesn't use the lotioned toilet paper
basically a prune at this point
why did i think wearing the pants with a four button waistband and a belt was a good idea today?
maybe depends aren't such a bad idea afterall
praying fervently to the urine gods for release from this hell
don't have any brains left because i'm sure i've peed them out


TracyMama said...

Oh, D! I'm so sorry! How miserable. I can offer a very disordered silver lining: After such a pee-a-thon, I'd probably go weigh myself! You probably feel light as a feather, no? Hee. I did not know your leg was still giving you so much grief. That's a perfect excuse to mix up a Tequila Dawn cocktail in the evening. (Get it? See what I did there? Instead of Tequila Sunrise---Tequila DAWN!!) Also, as H and I discovered over the weekend, a little Sprite Zero+Sangria=Gooood. Hey, if you're only renting your fluids for 20 minutes, you might as well enjoy the lease, right?

dawn said...

tequila dawn...you so funny you make me laugh long time! i will add that one to the repertoire! and sprite and sangria....hollah!... you could add a splash of lime and midori too. ultra yums.

Craig Elliott Hanna said...

Thanks for sharing......I feel closer to you now?

dawn said...

craig e, just think about it this way....urine a vantage point now that you know my inner workings. :)