Saturday, July 19, 2008

i have a drinking problem.
i know i am powerless over it.
i put it above all else.

and yes, i've basically turned into a bag of coffee at this point but i don't care. at least i smell really, really good. people always like the smell of french roast. my brother-in-law told me the other week that he was back "on it" but only for a short while until he quits cold turkey again. i don't buy it though. because coffee is the nectar of the gods. plain and simple. i came across this the other day. i won't say how much it would take to kill me because then you'd know how much i weigh, but let 's just say i've come dangerously close.

but i don't care.

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Tracy said...

OK---that link is just all kinds of wrong! Yikes! Oh, and hey, I'll show you mine. . .
well, no not really. But I'm somewhere around 100 cups, and I bet even you couldn't chug that many at once! I think you're safe. :o)