Thursday, July 24, 2008

my brother-in-law told me the other day that he's dealing with some mid-life crisis issues. i told him that i was dealing with the same.

honestly though,mine feels more like a full-blown psychotic state. the thesaurus defines crisis as: "A highly volatile dangerous situation requiring immediate remedial action."

there's just no way to administer immediate remedial action to this kind of crisis however. it's just something you have to sort through and it takes time. probably the universe figured that by mid-life you'd have the patience and tolerance to be able to navigate the relentless, nagging doubts and feelings that spring up right about this time in life.

what was the universe thinking?


Tracy said...

Um, should I be worried that I just agreed to a joint venture of sorts with you? For what it's worth, you still seem totally together to me. But, then my mental state is usually being about five seconds away from directing traffic in my bra and undies so. . .there ya go.

dawn said...

don't worry....i'll be sure to take my meds before we work together :)