Sunday, July 6, 2008

i dragged myself and mr. nobody tells me out of bed saturday morning at the crack of me to go to the farmer's market. here's some of the goodies that i bought. they were so pretty, i had to take a picture of them before we ate them.


TracyMama said...

We went to the FM yesterday too! We checked out the green market on 7th St. 'cause the local firestation was having a pancake breakfast there. N brought one of his fleet of fire trucks and smoozed us some free blueberries to go on ours. I've always liked that kid. We got some dark, sweet cherries, a few peaches, sweet corn and some shexy red tomatoes. O loves the cherries the best. But I keep finding pits in the darndest places: on her bedroom windowsill, on the coffee table, on the friggin' BATHROOM counter. Everywhere but the trash!
What are those adorable pinkish-white thingies in your basket? Parsnips? Radishes? Everything looks yummy!

dawn said...

i love the cherries too and would be a bad influence on O because i love to spit the pits out in unexpected places too. you know, it's just so hard sometimes to actually put pits in the trash. it takes a lot of energy! :) they are vintage radishes. yum!