Friday, July 18, 2008

all the farms down my way are disappearing. they're being bought up and turned into dry cleaning businesses and nail salons. it's disturbing, but i'm a part of it i suppose because my house sits on what was once a cow pasture.

for now, i will enjoy these cornfields and wonder what great recipe my friend tracy would have for this beautiful silver queen corn?


clover said...

It's my job to help developers turn corn fields into sub divisions. What do you think about that?

...And I thought I was going to save the planet! Turns out, there's very little profit in the planet saving business.

Tracy said...

Sadly, a lot of the signs along the backroads near my dad's house that used to read "Sweet Corn for Sale!" or "Pick Your Own Blueberries!" with an arrow pointing down a tree-lined lane now read "Homesites starting in the low 90's!" or "Build to suit on your lot!" It's tempting to make declarations against ever subdividing our land, but I know things happen: things like insurmountable medical bills, outrageous property taxes and just living too dadgum far away to maintain it. But, I also know we have to be careful as a nation or we're going to wind up importing everything we eat in this country. I'm all for exotic eats, but I can't imagine sweet corn from Indonesia. No thanks.