Tuesday, July 28, 2009

what's mine is mine.
what's yours is mine too.
so just hand over the tickle me elmo and no one gets hurt.


Summer said...

Love that line.. =D Thanks for sharing, and i love Elmo. =D

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The Brown Mestizo

Tracy said...

Oh, dear. Hate to point this out, but that's Ernie, not Elmo, and he happens to be my fave. Hand him over!

dawn said...

nope tracy, you don't get him....i'm going to have to do some work with him now that i've successfully managed to give him an identity crisis! :-)

Cait said...

That was cute. But this could have happened at any estate auction, you know.

LMN said...

oh my gosh, LOL: "what mine is mine and whats yours is mine" is the EXACT same thing my dad says. except he means it. ;)

Hope you got that Elmo!