Monday, July 6, 2009

one day

i will skip instead of walk
i will yank out every automated answering machine i can find
i will wear nothing but orange
i will remember to smile more
i will paint my toenails rainbow stripes
i will think before i speak
i will wear an un-ironed shirt
i will be unpredictable
i will order only desserts at every meal
i will not care what anybody else thinks
i will throw my cell phone into the ocean
i will ride in a helicopter
i will live without trying

one day.
i will.


Char said...

all very good things! I like that list

Cait said...

oh..I love that. Really poigant.

Oh..I went to see AWAY WE GO..and loved it. It very character driven. I love Jim's character. Its very charming. Some sad parts as all it was a good film. I felt...or the thought..that some remember those of days of feeling no one has our kind of love ..but us..and those how hope they'll have those days soon.

LMN said...

Oooh!! ooooh ooh ooh ooh ooh!! I LOVE THIS!

The writing and the photo. Love them!

Have been "off the grid" for a bit - spent the weekend at my dad's cabin, and it was LOVERLY! But am so glad to be checking on my faves again. Happy post 4th of July!

myinspired♥{sandra} said...

just awesome!
love the me a lot to think about :)

Linda Sue said...

"think before you speak" ??? why would you want to do that?I say just let her rip- tourhettes style- that's what I do all the time- I don't have any friends so I can do that...if you have friends you are expected to be polite, I guess, and ,perhaps, think before you speak- that is just too high a price to pay!

Heidi said...

This is a good list. A I'm completely in agreement, nodding my head kind of list.

kendalee said...

GREAT list! I can relate to many. I say let's start ticking them off soon... It'll feel amazing! What are we really waiting for?