Monday, July 20, 2009

dear little dog,

you make me laugh.
when i wonder about the day, you assure me that it's a good one.
your enthusiasm is contagious.
you don't realize that.
that's the beauty about you.
my friend sharon says that life is always better when it's lived with animals.
i agree.
thank you molly dodd.
my life is better with you in it.



Char said...

my life is better with the pugs too

Summer said...

Very true! Such a lovely poem for a lovely pet. =D Have a great day ahead.

myinspired♥{sandra} said...

oh this :)
so true!

Anonymous said...

I've been bitten by the 'I want a dog" bug again...this is not helping! (Love the photo!)

LMN said...

So true! I took my two doggies downstairs to sleep with me because I just couldn't bear the heat and couldn't bear the thought of leaving them upstairs ... even though they are never allowed in the basement (it's carpeted). but we had a lovely little cool night cuddling together down there. :)

Life IS so much better with little animals.