Saturday, July 11, 2009

sometimes i wonder if i can only think in terms of lists.
to the point.
my brain it seems is always on overload.
too much is crowding in all the time.
leaving me inert.
i'm reluctantto talk to you on the phone.
i fear i wouldn't be able to focus.
and then i'd be lost in the conversation.
and you'd know i wasn't paying attention.
not because i don't love you, but because i'm simply overwhelmed.
so just send me a text.



Char said...

:) it's it funny how people communicate differently. I'm the person that can't stand texts.

great poem and photo pairing

Cait said...

haha..that was lovely, though.

& Thank you so much for the wonderful sweet note you left me. Recently, while reading Vast fields of the Ordinary..which I loved so much in parts..naturally, Dayton came to mind. The character in the book who was quite like Dayton in a sense & while that character ended so tragic..I don't know, I guess I feel I owe something to Dayton..wanting to explore the way he is. Although, I see him rather selfish while Geoff isn't, yet can put Dayton on spot...even if Dayton can be his own worst enemy. He's his baby so many ways. Anyway, its been interesting with these characters..and perhaps I spend to much on some and not enough on others.

I'm so glad you went to see AWAY WE GO. It was so much fun and seeing this energy of two people in love yet feeling so isolated. Granted, they certainly knew quite a few quirky people. Meggie g.'s character was priceless.

I went to see The Proposal to day. It was fun. Better than I actually expected.

Julie and Julia looks interesting.

I hope you are enjoying your summer. We are certainly enjoying the slices you are giving us.

Heidi said...

Great poem. I especially liked the way you tied it up at the end.

Hope you're doing okay and looking after yourself. :)

clover said...

Very revealing.
Thank you.
I love you.

clover said...

I tend to think -and speak- in paragraphs, novellas, running sentences, tedious extrapolations. It's a wonder you and I can communicate at all.

LMN said...

I hear you! on being overwhelmed and feeling slightly checked out.

Is it subsiding? I hope so!

P.s. I looked into flickr and after setting up a free account, reached the max amount in like 2 seconds flat and so now have to decide if I am going to pay for the service or look around and see what else is out there! Thanks for the support - I will let you know if I get something set up.

I just love your photography by the way. Love all the effects you have come up with. Each of your images is so unique and packs a punch!! Good one.

Okay - consider this a txt: sleep tight! gr8 blogging skills, friend. u r awesome. xoxo hjp