Sunday, April 12, 2009

"it's the heart that gives,
the fingers just let go."

-african proverb

happy easter, all.


Cait said...

wonderful proverb. love the pic, too.

Cait said...

Good to hear from you. Well, its warming up. Getting green. We are planting a few things. My dad planted strawberry plants in my back yard yesterday.

I think I'm getting a cold though. Darn if it's not something.

Thanks so much for the note.

Char said...

so beautiful - love the shot

Heidi said...

this is lovely...the proverb and photo...I hope you had a happy Easter!

Anonymous said...


LMN said...

You know, things were soo hectic last Sunday - getting ready to leave town myself on Tuesday (for my sis), getting ready to take Luke to the airport Monday morning (his 6 months starts again!), that I totally FORGOT it was even Easter. How sad! I didn't even eat my annual cadbury egg! Well, that is probably a good thing, but still - hope yours was happy!!