Wednesday, April 8, 2009

i wish i could have the sun any time i wanted it
or felt i needed it.
that i could take it out of its box
and let it shine on me
whenever i feel that i'm getting too serious
or the walls are closing in on me

the sun can always soothe my hurts.
and soften me when i'm feeling hard and full of edges.
why is that?


Char said...

I loved this when I first saw it on flickr and love it still. gorgeous shot.

Sharon Crawford Kaldor said...

Aww I am ready for sunshine too.. Love the picture and your thoughts with it.

Cait said...

I love mary janes. Love pictures of shoes that are meant to do something in. Like swinging in a swing, perfect for mary janes.

Sounds like spring is warming you up there. It got up to 60 today...weeeeeee....

Loved your poem, too.

LMN said...

Yes! Isn't it (sun) wonderful?!! I am always surprised how after a long time without it, it comes out, and it is as if I am in a new world - I can't believe how uplifting it is! And then I think, why am I still in SEattle? (I DO love Seattle, but really MISS the sun). Good thing I am going to CALIFORNIA next week to be with my sis. That should be good and sunny.

Heidi said...

"that i could take it out of its box
and let it shine on me" me too.

I love this and the photo too. It makes me think of swinging on a swing without a care in the world.